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Shower Repairs

Electrical shower repair
Cobb electrical has years of experience repairing and replacing faulty electric showers for our customers throughout Sussex. Our knowledgeable electricians are able to identify faults and either repair or if required replace any electric shower.
Should your electric shower be Triton, Redring, heatrae Sadia, Gainsborough or Mira our electricians will be able to investigate faults and obtain spare parts as required. He will also be able to replace the shower if needed supplying all required certification.

If you are looking to install a shower in your bathroom then among the options open to you will be an electric shower. Choosing a mixer shower or power shower will depend on your heating system but electric showers run independently of your central heating so can be used in any household - providing it has water and electricity.

Electric showers work by instantly heating water. Cold, mains pressure water is fed into the unit an passes over a heating element inside a chamber. The power rating of this element will determine the amount of water that can be heated. As well as a model name, many electric shower manufacturers will include the power rating of the shower in the description, which will be given in kilowatts. Showers with a higher kilowatt rating will be able to heat more water in a given time, so a higher figure gives a better flow rate. Very early models had ratings less than 6kw so the spray that they produced was very fine with a low water flow rate, but over the years kilowatt ratings have steadily increased with some current models rated over 10kw.


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